Jornik Mfg. Corp. Strives to provide you, our loyal customer, with fun products that will protect your company and your clients’ brands from potential harm and brand damage.  All of our products are designed, engineered, manufactured, tested and inspected to exceed all applicable mandatory and voluntary product safety standards and regulations.  

We are committed to using the best Product Responsibility Practices in the industry so that you have the greatest confidence when buying your promotional products from Jornik.  


We Believe in Product Safety

Jornik truly desires to provide you and your customers with the safest products in the promotional products industry, but more than that, we also want to make it easy for our clients to verify that our products are safe and compliant.  

Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act ("CPSIA”) Compliance

Jornik’s products are validated through third-party testing to exceed all applicable requirements of the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act of 2008 ("CPSIA”).  Upon our clients’ request, we are happy to verify the compliance of our products in writing through the following documents:

considered by the CPSC to be "General Use” products under the CPSIA, and most of them are therefore not certifiable as Children’s Products (intended primarily for children 12 years and under).  However, Jornik has many items that are intended as toys or children’s products and we will gladly (1) provide a Children’s Product Certificate ("CPC”) to verify that they meet applicable Children’s Products standards and (2) affix a permanent Children’s Product Tracking Label to those items.  Please contact us for specific GCC, CPC and other testing and certification requests.

California Proposition 65 Compliance 2018 Update

The Jornik Team is very familiar with the requirements of California Proposition 65 including the latest warning requirements that will begin enforcement on August 30, 2018.    To protect you, consumers, and the environment, we regularly monitor all published Cal Prop 65 violations, consent decrees and judgments with our test labs and the OEHHA notifications to keep our Prop 65 knowledge base current to ensure compliance.  

To ensure full customer satisfaction and to avoid the use of warning labels that can send unfavorable marketing messages to consumers, we engineer and formulate our products so that they will meet Cal Prop 65 requirements without the need for Prop 65 warning labels that can alarm end users and consumers.  

Our products and inks comply with Cal Prop 65 and are verified through third-party testing.  Therefore, our products are tested for substances and chemicals that have the highest potential to be present in the materials and components used in them to verify that they meet applicable Cal Prop 65 Chemical Safe Harbor levels so they won’t need any such warning labels on them.   

 Thank you for taking the time to learn about our product safety and compliance program.  We are pleased to be a supplier-partner for your company and are very grateful for your business and support.  



Jordie Freedman, President